Vision & Mission

Vision – We strive to be an African–American Christian village, unified and interdependent, Spirit-filled and Spirit-led, committed to witnessing throughout our community and the world.

Mission – Our mission is to glorify God through the edification, education and empowerment of African American people who will build unity in the Southeast Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Acts In Common partners with its members to fulfill the following strategic objectives:

Strengthen Existing Ministries: Support and develop congregational leaders and assist in the development and implementation of strategically focused congregational and community goals.




Congregational Leadership: Improve and streamline the processes for sourcing, selecting and orienting congregational leaders, as well as serve as a resource for on-going training and education.




Contextual Ministry: Serve as both a catalyst and trainer for the infusion of holistic spirituality and cultural pride into the congregational and community-based ministries.




Financial Development: Resource, train and educate congregations in the processes of strategic financial planning and management.




Maximizing Resources: Resource, train and educate congregations in the development of non-traditional income streams and wealth creation.




New Ministry Development: Determine the feasibility and provide the structure for the growth and expansion of new ministries in the targeted communities.